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What's so special about Botanicus Luxury "Organic Vegetable Soap"?

Sweet Almond and Rose Organic Vegetable Soap
 We are proud to offer the finest pure and natural Botanical Soaps available anywhere, each variety of which is created and manufactured in-house by Botanicus as our own unique blend of carefully selected plant oils and vegetable butter, certified Organic coconut and palm vegetable soap, and with a fragrance of only pure essentials oils.
Every soap is guaranteed free from animal fats. Every soap is hand-stamped and specially wrapped to retain freshness. Each variety offered is perfectly suited to even sensitive skins, whilst our delightful Baby Soap is created especially for those most delicate of all.
Due to its outstanding skin soothing and replenishing benefits and wide popularity we have incorporated SHEA BUTTER in five of our Organics soaps, most being blended with other superb skin kind plant oils, in order to provide for slightly different skin types. The details here will help to make your personal selection.
At BOTANICUS USA, we selected 4 soaps from luxury "organic Vegetable Soap" Range. 
1. Sweet Almond And Rose 
Botanicus sweet almond and rose
A luxury face and hand soap for all skin types. It contains soothing and re-moisturizing Sweet Almond oil and has a delicate aroma including pure Rose Otto and Rosewood essential oil.
Oil extracted from the Almond has rightly been a favorite for generations due to its numerous beneficial uses; it is a natural, very effective and stable moisturizer with high levels of the skin nourishing the Omega-6 version of Linoleic acid - an Essential Fatty Acid for tissues. Soaps with Sweet Almond oil effectively smooth and moisturize the skin and are excellent luxury face soaps; ours is delicately fragranced with pure essential oils including Otto of Rose and Brazillian Rosewood. 
2. Organic Vegetable Soap and Lavender 
Botanicus Organic Vegetable Soap and Lavender
A soothing and calming everyday luxury face and body soap for all skin types. It contains high levels of replenishing Shea Butter and an essential oil fragrance of Lavender and other oils.
It is unsurprising that Lavender remains an internationally favorite fragrance, being soothing and refreshing. Our essential oil blend employs three types of pure lavender, fortified delicately by oils of Marjoram and Coriander. Shea Butter is incorporated at a high level in this soap for an enriching and soothing everyday luxury hand and body experience for all skin types. 
3. Baby Soap with Organic Chamomile and Calendula.
Lather in warm water between the hands and use on the most delicate of skins avoiding eyes. It contains silky-soft Babassu oil, vegetable Glycerine, and Chamomile and Calendula essential oil.
Quite simply the most gentle, calming, mild and pure Organic vegetable soap for the softest of skins. WE blend silky soft Babassu oil with Organic Coconut and Palm soap, add moisturizing vegetable Glycerine and essential oils Roman Chamomile and Marigold. Lather up in warm water between the hands and use on Baby; always avoiding the eyes of course. 
4. Organic Vegetable Soap and Babassu 
A luxury hand and face soap for more mature skin. It contains soft lustrous Babassu oil, and a blend of calming and restorative essential oils including Rose, Chamomile and Frankincense.
Babassu Oil originates from the Brazillian rainforest and is a relatively new soap ingredient highly admired for its ability to melt at skin temperature and to impart a softness and healthy luster to the skin; it is combined with soothing Shea butter and a blend of essential oils including Rose, Chamomile and Clary - together with Frankincense - for a soap particularly suited to the more mature skin type.