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Botanicus Gardens & Craft Center

Garden Map

The Craft Centre and gardens blend together. The reason was not only to build gardens for growing plants and herbs for the production and further processing, but also for the benefit of Craft Centre visitors through interest, knowledge and relaxation. People can just walk or use the extensive garden space to explore the botanical species of trees and herbs. It also includes vegetable and fruit gardens.

The Craft Centre was established as an idea to show not only the forgotten crafts, but also the importance of natural materials in the production of ordinary things that surround us in daily life. Therefore, apart from demonstrations, visitors can try many crafts themselves. These activities are always hugely popular with the many school visits we welcome.


The gardens follow a timeless and traditional arrangement, with areas for vegetable productions and sections for ornamental plants and flowers. They blend together with perfect harmony.

1)Monks garden

2) White garden

3) Vegetable garden

4) Edible plants garden

5) The lawns

6) Annual flower garden

7) The mazes

8) Oriental garden

9) Animal farm

10) Beehives

11) Natural relaxation garden

12) Herb production

13) Raspberries

14) Arboretum

15) Lavender field

16) Sea buckthorn production

17) Orchard

18) Green manure production


The historic Craft Center and associated Organic Gardens Complex is one of the projects of the Botanicus Company. The Craft Center is not a model or a replica of particular village from a specific era. The main objective of the Village ́s construction was to create a backdrop and atmosphere for ancient Crafts. It was built mainly from local and recycled materials, especially wood and stone.

1) Entrance Hall

2) Gate

3) Log Store

4) Wood carving

5) Rope-works

6) Basketry

7) Garden Entrance

8) Pottery

9) Wire Works

10) Gold panning

11) Wine press

12) Sheep pen

13) Great Guild Hall

14) Prison cell

15) "Old " Bridge

16) Mint

17) Photography exhibition

18) Gingerbreads

19) Bakery

20) Blacksmith´s forgen

21) Blacksmith Bellow

22) Puppet´s workroom

23) Water reservoir

24) Weaver´s House

25) Candle making

26) Soap making

27) Distillation

28) Paper-pulp Hammer Mil

29) Paper making

30) Printing press

31) Water wheel

32) Pancakes

33) Staircase

34) Leathercraft

35) Craft shops

36) Stone Polishing

37) Open Air Theatre

38) Fire Exit

39) Toilets

40) Archery

41) First Aid

42) Bridge

Our garden in the Czech Republic is open for public to visit. For Open hours  and more details please visit: http://www.botanicus.cz/en/craft-centre/opening-hours-and-entrance-fees
For more details please visit website: www.botanicus.cz