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Handmade Botanicus Soap

All Botanicus Soaps are handmade with the freshest ingredients including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and natural ingredients.

Botanicus Organic soaps not only clean well but also provides us below benefits: 

  • Gentle on your skin 

    • Botanicus organic soaps has PH levels of 9 to 10, and it helps maintain your skin PH level which are not so harsh but gentle on your skin. 

  • No artificial preservatives, triclosan, paraben or other toxic chemicals  

    • Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and it absorbs for anything that we apply on our body. We do not use chemicals above which may harm our health or even reproductive system. 

  • Used of organic ingredients from EU approved organic farm

    • No commercial fertilizers, chemical sprays or growth stimulants are used in our plants.   

  • Glycerine from plants retains moisture on your skin 

    • Glycerine is extracted from plants, and they are expensive. Most of the companies do not add it into non-organic soaps, so it always dry up our skin after use. Botanicus soaps are made with 600 years European traditional handmade method where we kept the glycerine from our organic plant and fruit, so our skin will feel clean and moisture after washing. 

  • Anti-oxidant properties from plants 

    • Many of antioxidants ingredients like rose, honey, dead sea mud, tea tree essential oils (depends on which soaps) are used, which helps to rejuvenate our skin and slowing the skin's aging process. 

Botanicus handcut fruits

Fresh Lemons


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botanicus beeswax and honey soap

Botanicus strawberry soap

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