We Plant and Grow our Own Ingredients for Botanicus Skincare

We Plant and Grow our Own Ingredients for Botanicus Skincare

15th Feb 2014

Organic growth. Traditional recipes. Quality products. These are the three principles that guide Botanicus.

Unlike most other brands that use dried ingredients, we use the freshest plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables for the production of extracts and oils. The close proximity of the garden and manufacturing facilities provides immediate processing of natural raw materials.

All ingredients are grown within our 366 acres garden, which is roughly the size of 277 football fields at a village named Ostra not too far away from Prague in the Czech Republic. All plants and herbs are free of commercial fertilizers, chemical sprays or other growth stimulates making us one of the safest brands available.

The production of cosmetic products and food takes place in manufacturing facilities that meet strict hygiene standards, with the majority of products being hand made. Modern technology is employed where necessary to meet or exceed global standards and requirements. However, traditional values are still at the core of everything we produce at Botanicus and we strive for the highest possible quality of plant material at all times.